Beary Christmas Quick Cards!

by Jenny Smith, November 01, 2023
This week I wanted to give you some quick cards so if you loved last week's Beary Christmas cards this is for you!

Using the memories and more cards as the bases I have then added the memories and more card packs on top.  Some of them like the 2 above, I have cut the cards up, added stickers and embellishments for my unique touch and others, like the card below, I have embossed the front of the card to create more depth to the background.

Everyone needs a quick card from time to time but that doesn't mean you need to give up on your personal style or creativity!  Embrace the products that help you maintain your style without too much time commitment.

In these 2 final cards, I have used a couple of cards and layered them as well as adding some basic stamping too.

The best bit of these cards is that you will end up with a huge pile of cards in no time at all and you can squeeze in a bit of card making when you don't have lots of time!

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Thanks for reading!

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